Blog Tour for Karina Kantas’ Illusional Reality

Greetings, Fellow Book Lovers!

Today I’m featuring author Karina Kantas who has just released her eighth book, Illusional Reality.

Book cover

Karina Kantas is from the UK but has lived in Greece most of her life. It’s the perfect setting for writing and she has publish eight books while living on the island of Corfu.

As part of her blog tour, Karina has provided us with some interesting facts about her, so make sure you pay attention! There may be a quiz.

1. If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?
I would be singing in a band again. I loved that. I feel so free when I sing.

2. What is your favorite word?

3 What is your least favorite word?
Fibromyalgia (a chronic pain condition that affects the nervous system.)

4. What turns you on, as in grabs your interest?
Listening to songs that bring back awesome memories

5. What turns you off or bores you senseless?
Liars and people who are too up on themselves.

6. What sound do you love?

7. What sound do you hate?
Crying babies

8. What’s your favorite smell?
Fresh baked bread

9. What’s your least favorite smell?

Please check out Karina’s latest book, Illusional Reality. A new adult romantic fantasy. It’s a magical read without your normal stereotype characters.

Kantas Promo


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