An Interview with Glorie Townson to Celebrate Her Release of “It’s Like the Full Moon”

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Today we have a special treat. Glorie Townson is releasing It’s Like a Full Moon, Saying Series Book 1, on February 1, 2016. To promote this special occasion, I interviewed Glorie so we could get to know her and a little about her book.


Interview with Glorie Townson

What genres do you write in? Contemporary Fiction and Romance

Where do you get your inspiration for your books? For my current release, It’s Like the Full Moon, romantic comedy films were a major influence. I will admit that this is a new genre for me, so in preparation for this project I read a few romances and dove head first into chick flicks.

Do you have one character who would be your best friend if they were real? From what will become my Saying Series, particularly book one, It’s Like the Full Moon, I’d say that Lisa would be my best friend. Her story only begins in the book one, as do many other characters, but she definitely leaves an impression.

Which one of your characters do you dislike the most? It’s difficult for me to write characters that I don’t like. Even my villains tend to have some appeal that you either sympathize with or respect on some level. In, It’s Like the Full Moon, the only character that I could possibly do without is the absent father… but of course there’s more to the story.

If you could have your readers take away one thing from your writing, what would it be? Most of what I write is meant to purely entertain, but as a human being expressing oneself through an art form, it is difficult not include tidbits of life lessons or matters of social concern. For my Saying Series, family – traditional and non-traditional – will be a running theme, where friends are closer than siblings and love can be found anywhere.

Is there something that you know now, that you wish you’d known when you started writing? Oh yes, but if I start telling you about it now, I’ll have to write another book. For this particular project, I learned that while there are some basic style and techniques for creative writing, each genre really does have its own set of specific rules and motifs that will and won’t make for a good story.

What do you do when you’re not writing? When I’m not writing I’m probably reading or listening to an audio book. I like to listen to books because it frees my hands up to paint and bake, two other activities I thoroughly enjoy. I’m also quite the movie buff.

When did you start writing? Publish your first book? I’ve actually been publishing for some time now (about 5 years) under the name Toi Thomas, but only recently took on the pen name Glorie Townson. As Toi, I write in the speculative genres and have dabbled in romance associated with that. It’s Like the Full Moon will be the first Glorie Townson publication. It is my first foray into contemporary fiction. In that respect, I guess you could say that I’m a new or debut author.

What is that one thing you want to accomplish, more than anything, in your writing career? I think like many authors that I’d like an opportunity to write full time, but I sometimes worry that if my writing were my sole source of income, I might grow to resent it and become less creative over time. I don’t think I really have an ultimate goal as a writer. I just want to be able to keep writing and publish when the timing and finances will allow it.

What pushed you in the direction of writing romance? I wanted to write a romance simply to prove that I could. Toi Thomas has always been a tomboy and, like many geek girls (not all), never really thought much about romance. I received a reality check one day. It was then I decided I would rid myself of romance stereotypes, not by doing it my way, but by doing it the right way and hoping that a bit of my voice tagged along. In the process, I developed Glorie Townson as a muse and decided to let her shine.

Awe us with one fantastic quote that sums up your writing career. An ever evolving scribe not bound by genre when telling the tales readers never knew they were waiting to read.

Explain your newest release in ten words or less. You can’t predict or prepare for a love triangle.

If you could meet one writer alive or deceased, who would it be? Right now, this question is so easy. I want to me Stacey Rourke. She writes YA and New Adult Comedic Fantasy and seems like a real down to earth and super silly person.

Who is your biggest influence? When it comes to my journey of romance and contemporary fiction, my major influence has been my dear friend and author, M.C.V. Egan. She’s the one who delivered my reality check and in some ways started this whole thing.

What do you read in your spare time? I used to only read in the speculative genres but I’ve been expanding my horizons. I now enjoy mystery, crime fiction, contemporary fiction, some romance, and some historical fiction.


Now a little on Glorie’s debut novel, It’s Like a Full Moon, Saying Series, Book 1


Book Title: It’s Like the Full Moon

Series: Saying Series 1

Tagline: You know what they say about love? It’s like the full moon and makes you do crazy things.

Author: Glorie Townson

Publisher: Amazon, Createspace, and The ToiBox of Words

Release Date: February 1, 2016

Reading Level: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Content Rating: PG-13

Available Formats: paperback and ebook

Number of Pages: 235

Themes (also suggested tags): love triangle, friendship, family drama, travel, romance, love,

Purchase Links:


Createspace: coming soon

B & N: coming soon


It’s Like the Full Moon, blurb

Rebecca has just turned thirty. She’s happy living a perfectly comfortable and predictable life. She’s even ready to marry her long-time boyfriend whenever he finally gets around to asking her. But all that changes when her best friend whisks her away to Italy for a much-needed vacation.

In the midst of site seeing and finally letting loose, Rebecca manages to catch the eye of a young English tourist but doesn’t let it go to her head. By the time she’s back in the States and back in the arms of her long-time beau, Rebecca has already forgotten about Peter, Paten, Paul…whatever his name was, that is until he shows up at her brother’s cabin in the woods.

A life of normalcy, routine, and stability gets turned upside down as Rebecca decides whether or not she’s truly ready to get married. And if so, who is the one she’s really meant to be with?


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