A.J. James Promotion and Drawing for The Weight of Light

Greetings fellow book lovers!

Today I am doing a feature on A.J. James. Her digital book, The Weight of Light, Book 1 of The Grigori Celestials, is on special and everyone that buys a digital copy will be entered into a prize drawing, for two unique swag packs and an Amazon gift card! How sweet is that? Okay, okay, I’ve told you the great news, now let me tell you about the book…


James 2


The carnal appetites of the disgraced Watcher Angels have devastated the fledgling human race – carving a bloody, brutal stain of perversion and depravity into pre-antediluvian history.

Arma’ros is one of these first Celestials to defy draconian Divine Law, becoming obsessed by his unique human charge and the possibilities offered by a different, wondrous and sensual new existence.

Zoe, an antiquities scholar obsessed with the last Key of Enoch, is afflicted with a bizarre talent that no other being on Earth possesses – the ability to detect and track down the Nephilim, the dangerous and unstable hybrid offspring of humans and Watchers.

Arma’ros desperately needs to rally the Watchers and Nephilim for the imminent prophesied battle of the End of Days, but Zoe’s gift and her own self-doubt makes her a target for Bar’zek, second to the diabolical Master, who has orchestrated and manipulated events since the Beginning.

Can Zoe and Arma’ros overcome their crippling past to rally the remaining Grigori and Nephilim, and, even more importantly, can they prevent the last Enochian Key – which will obliterate the gateway between the Heavenly and Earthly Realms – from falling into the grasp of the Master? Will they unlock a new age of unlimited Divine potential for humans – or unleash the total Apocalyptic annihilation of our Earth?



“He stared, eyes wide for a moment, then tilted his head to the side with a chuckle. “Oh? Is it sweet words you’re wanting from me then… a wooing?” When she would have protested she’d been teasing, simply on principle alone, he reached for her and gently pulled her close to him. He slowly folded his large body so that he ended up on his knees at her feet. It brought his eyes just below her own. Curious, she allowed him to take her hands and drape her arms loosely about his neck, resting on his massive shoulders. She waited in this position, a blush still suffusing her features and feeling awkward. His hands and forearms cradled her to him, snuggling her up full length along his body, fitting her exactly to his form.

He brought his lips closer to her ear. “Just what exactly are you needing to convince you, carum, with me on my knees before you, beseeching you? Words, verse, melody….?” Gooseflesh sprung up instantly where he crooned softly in her ear, racing the full length of her body, and she quivered inside.

She shook her head in negation, suddenly feeling very embarrassed. Uncertain. “No? How then would you have me pledge myself to you? My heart, my soul, my body?” His breath feathered and shivered through her, teasing across the sensitive spot just behind her earlobe. She shuddered, as, against her will, she felt her knees turn to water, her legs becoming boneless.

“Hmm? To hear that I have waited endless eternities, full of anguish just for you? That I have endured centuries of misery yearning just for you? Forsaken all heavenly and earthly pleasures for naught but the memory of you; craving, hungering for the taste of you only on my tongue, the fragrance of you only in my nostrils, my lungs, the exquisite silk of your skin only on mine, the breathtaking feel of your mouth only on mine? Your addictive, haunting voice, the music that shimmers and floats and lingers around you and teases my senses into a frenzy of divine madness? For all of those eternities that I have waited, and for all eternities yet to come? All for you?”


James 1

Still not sure you want to grab it just yet? Not into the mushy stuff? Well, how about another peek from a different angle?


Excerpt 2:

ENORMOUS NIGHT SHADOWS SUDDENLY CAME ALIVE around them, writhing, twisting, slashing, snarling. Zo’ana heard the sounds of Y’saak and Fek’dar engaged in a clash; reverberations of metal and bone and flesh and wood being struck. In the same instant, she felt the sickening shock of a massive body thudding into her and seizing her from behind; hard hands grasping her roughly, painfully, one around the bottom of her ribcage and one around her neck. Pain cut into her, thieving her breath. She dropped and twisted at the same time, which had little effect. She became flailing feet, knees, whirling fists and elbows; kicking, biting, scratching at the hands and striking hard upwards with both fists at where she guessed a face might be, her fear suffusing her with greater than usual strength. It was higher up than she thought, though; he was taller than she’d supposed but felt one of her blows connect. Felt the crunch of cartilage giving way.

She felt his grasp loosen, and kicked again, trying to wrench away. He savagely spat out what she took as a curse in a language she’d never heard, and then, before she could flee, felt her hair seized and twisted by the roots as she was lifted high off the ground. A strangled, high-pitched shriek jarred from her throat, she realized then, with a paralyzing shock, that by the height and the ease that he lifted her with his one fist that it was not possible that this was a normal man. It was an unnatural strength and height that grasped her, shook her. She desperately grabbed hold of his forearm to try to lift, relieve some of her own body weight from the agony of her scalp, and he gave her another vicious shake, like a dog might shake a rat. Her teeth rattled together, piercing her gut with fear. The pain forced her belly up into her mouth. Her shriek had become an involuntary whimper of distress, caught and fluttering frantically in her throat to escape in a tiny, strangled squeak. Her eyes teared and rolled back in her head, but she obstinately battled to keep from relinquishing her hold on consciousness. As if through a fog, she helplessly registered the sounds of Fek’dar and Y’saak being dispatched gleefully by the other two monsters, both hopelessly outclassed in both size and strength.

And suddenly, incredibly, she was airborne. In slow motion, and then far too swiftly, the ground was coming up towards her. She hit hard, her head making resounding contact as her neck snapped.

James 3


About the Author:

A.J. James is a resident of Canada, currently devotedly working on the continuation of the Watcher Angels’ narratives. Her hobbies include photography, poetry, illustration, yoga, archery, dressage, energy work, recording music, target shooting, and practicing balance with her four extra-large rescue dogs. She also plans to become more adept at axe and knife-throwing, longsword wielding and riding dragons… er, motorcycles.

Writer, reader, creator, seeker, warrior, rider, dreamer, rebel, teacher, trainer, listener, feminist, philosopher, procrastinator, animal lover… A. J. James enjoys researching and conversing subjects many people studiously avoid; interested in annihilating taboos and shameful silences and advocating for those in need whose voice has traditionally been silenced.




To read reviews up to date news and excerpts from Book 2 please visit A.J.James website.



James 5

Remember!!! Everyone who buys a digital copy of The Weight of Light will be entered into a prize drawing, for two unique swag packs and an Amazon gift card!  Good luck!


James 4


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