Release Day for Julie Nicholls’ Blood Ties

Hello, everyone!

Today is the official release day for Blood Ties and I am for one, very excited. I’ll be grabbing the paperback up the day it comes out so keep your eyes here for my review!

Julie’s spent some time making the paperback quite special, so if you’re a collector of ‘real’ books, I hope you’ll consider adding Blood Ties to your collection. The first letter of each chapter has a wolf motif, which she created in photoshop and adobe illustrator, and looks great. This is the perfect gift for that person in your life who loves to hold a real book when they read. However, for all you ebook lovers, have no fear; it will be available in ebook form, minus the cool embellishments.

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This is a paranormal, shifter, werewolf, romance, and it’s currently available on &

In case you need another sneaky peek to whet your appetite, here’s a little more from the book.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00018]

The paperback is available from Createspace :


Or you can purchase via Amazon:




The morning looked promising. Keagen was on the road, traveling to a small town he’d never heard of. Filled with elation, thoughts of catching his prey made him smile. There was no need to rush. Despite his need to snag the escapee, he took a leisurely drive. Intel he received advised of a stranger who’d set up house in Dewburn Falls, and was deemed a ‘badass.’

Keagen smirked. There’s a new player coming to town. Move over badass.

Relaxing into the soft leather seat of the BMW 328i, one of Keagen’s favorite rides, he took in the scenery and thought about his plan of action. Meticulously organized, he always had a fallback plan. He wasn’t at home being Mr. Cock-up, and hated if someone fucked up, which wasn’t too often as he mostly worked alone. Forced to team up on one occasion, it didn’t go well, resulting in a few deaths. Kicking off, Keagen said it was either his way, or he was retiring, which was funny considering they owned him; despite his reluctance to admit it. While he was comfortable, he’d put up with their shit and continued along his merry way. Doing their dirty work. With access to fast cars, the best weaponry, some not even on the market officially, and recreation time to fuck, life was good. He wanted it to continue.

His mind took him back to when it wasn’t so pleasurable, and his hands tightened around the steering wheel as he growled. While he didn’t have many memories remaining, he knew it wasn’t good. Faded scars on his body were the only reminders of his childhood since Solgen wiped his memory. It was the standard protocol to start with a clean mind, and easier. Still perfecting the procedure, the scientists had made a few errors, but Keagen was their most successful guinea pig. Receiving top marks in all the tests, he confirmed loyalty to the company and, therefore, was allowed to leave the compound. At first, he was under supervision, but that had soon changed. After excelling in each mission within a few months, his reputation soared. Managing a hundred percent retrieval rate, with a required eighty percent coming in alive, he was the top dog. The twenty percent died because they resisted capture and return back to the labs. Keagen was strong. At the start of his hunting career, he didn’t know his own strength. Rarely bringing home a dead one these days, he’d learned to master his body and the enhancements.


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And if an awesome new release isn’t enough, when you sign up fort her official email list, you can download Demon Within FREE (retail $3 .99)




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