A New Year’s Reflection

Well, another year has passed and a new one is upon us. What will you do this year? Have you made resolutions? For me, I went about my resolutions differently. Every past New Year, I had your typical resolutions: lose weight, stop doing this, start doing that. This year, in the spirit of how I am viewing this turn in the pages of time, I’ve discarded those useless resolutions, which inevitably fail. This time, I made a life goal. My resolution is to get my life organized and attain financial independence. I know this might sound vague and bordering on cheating, but hear me out.

First of all, this isn’t a resolution I either accomplish or drop in a single year. This is a perpetual goal for this year and for every year after that. Secondly, I’m not talking about organizing in the sense of finding a place for all my junk, although that is one facet of it. The organization I am referring to encompasses my career, my personality, my home life, and my social life. Things will change this year. some friends will be pushed away because I refuse to have negativity in my life, and new ones will be made. Groups will be dropped because I cannot participate as I should, and to those left, I will give more effort. Career changes will be made, and yes, I will thin out the stuff in my house. Everything I do will have to aid in moving me toward my ultimate goal of financial independence.

I will embrace and own who I have become and work towards helping others do the same. I am going to do even more for the Indie author community and start my publishing company. I will get to know all of my friends more and continue to do what I can to help them achieve their dreams. One thing that will change relates directly to this blog. For 2016, I am changing the format to be more useful for me and the fellow authors that I help. I am also going to be blogging more about things that relate to writing. So keep an eye out for these changes.

So now that I’ve opened up and told you my resolutions, I hope that all of you will take a few minutes to think on yours and make sure that they will bring you closer to who you want to be. I hope each and every one of you has a fantastic year full of happiness and successes in whatever you do. So here’s to new friends, continued friendships, bigger royalties, and more fabulous ideas.

Happy New Year!



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