New Release of Lu Whitley’s BloodLoss

Hello, fellow book lovers!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you in on some exciting news. Today, Lu Whitley’s BloodLoss is available! This novella is a prequel to the Fraktioneer Series. For those of you who read BloodMarked, this is a must read!



Join your favorite Book Boyfriends, Jaromir Ragnarsson & the ever-wonderful Stein, nearly 400 years before the events of BloodMarked (The Fraktioneers #1) in this all new prequel novella! Cursed to live in the shadows, Jaromir Ragnarsson wanders the world, searching for a sign. What he finds wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. Nearly four hundred-fifty years after a fateful meeting with a Wyrd woman changes his life, Jaromir is no longer alone. His adoptive son is the light of his long life, and he believes he will do anything to keep him safe. When that belief is tested, will he have the strength to do what is necessary? Even if, no matter what he chooses, he loses?

Sounds great, right! Well, it’s available in paperback on Amazon!

If you’re interested in starting a new Paranormal Fantast series, grab BloodLoss, and follow it up with BloodMarked!



Her nightmares are real, and they’re out for blood.

Greta Brandt’s life is run of the mill, except for the nightmares – violent dreams of creatures that wear the skin of the people around her… and him, the man with the golden hair and incandescent red eyes.

After 800 cursed years, Jaromir Ragnarsson has finally found the violet-eyed woman with the star-shaped birthmark of the BloodMarked: Greta Brandt. But he’s not the only one who’s been searching for her.

When terror strikes close to home, Greta must finally accept her role in a world she thought only existed in her fevered dreams, putting her wavering trust in the one man who knows the full truth about her fate.

Available on Amazon:



An Interview with Glorie Townson to Celebrate Her Release of “It’s Like the Full Moon”

Hello, fellow book lovers!

Today we have a special treat. Glorie Townson is releasing It’s Like a Full Moon, Saying Series Book 1, on February 1, 2016. To promote this special occasion, I interviewed Glorie so we could get to know her and a little about her book.


Interview with Glorie Townson

What genres do you write in? Contemporary Fiction and Romance

Where do you get your inspiration for your books? For my current release, It’s Like the Full Moon, romantic comedy films were a major influence. I will admit that this is a new genre for me, so in preparation for this project I read a few romances and dove head first into chick flicks.

Do you have one character who would be your best friend if they were real? From what will become my Saying Series, particularly book one, It’s Like the Full Moon, I’d say that Lisa would be my best friend. Her story only begins in the book one, as do many other characters, but she definitely leaves an impression.

Which one of your characters do you dislike the most? It’s difficult for me to write characters that I don’t like. Even my villains tend to have some appeal that you either sympathize with or respect on some level. In, It’s Like the Full Moon, the only character that I could possibly do without is the absent father… but of course there’s more to the story.

If you could have your readers take away one thing from your writing, what would it be? Most of what I write is meant to purely entertain, but as a human being expressing oneself through an art form, it is difficult not include tidbits of life lessons or matters of social concern. For my Saying Series, family – traditional and non-traditional – will be a running theme, where friends are closer than siblings and love can be found anywhere.

Is there something that you know now, that you wish you’d known when you started writing? Oh yes, but if I start telling you about it now, I’ll have to write another book. For this particular project, I learned that while there are some basic style and techniques for creative writing, each genre really does have its own set of specific rules and motifs that will and won’t make for a good story.

What do you do when you’re not writing? When I’m not writing I’m probably reading or listening to an audio book. I like to listen to books because it frees my hands up to paint and bake, two other activities I thoroughly enjoy. I’m also quite the movie buff.

When did you start writing? Publish your first book? I’ve actually been publishing for some time now (about 5 years) under the name Toi Thomas, but only recently took on the pen name Glorie Townson. As Toi, I write in the speculative genres and have dabbled in romance associated with that. It’s Like the Full Moon will be the first Glorie Townson publication. It is my first foray into contemporary fiction. In that respect, I guess you could say that I’m a new or debut author.

What is that one thing you want to accomplish, more than anything, in your writing career? I think like many authors that I’d like an opportunity to write full time, but I sometimes worry that if my writing were my sole source of income, I might grow to resent it and become less creative over time. I don’t think I really have an ultimate goal as a writer. I just want to be able to keep writing and publish when the timing and finances will allow it.

What pushed you in the direction of writing romance? I wanted to write a romance simply to prove that I could. Toi Thomas has always been a tomboy and, like many geek girls (not all), never really thought much about romance. I received a reality check one day. It was then I decided I would rid myself of romance stereotypes, not by doing it my way, but by doing it the right way and hoping that a bit of my voice tagged along. In the process, I developed Glorie Townson as a muse and decided to let her shine.

Awe us with one fantastic quote that sums up your writing career. An ever evolving scribe not bound by genre when telling the tales readers never knew they were waiting to read.

Explain your newest release in ten words or less. You can’t predict or prepare for a love triangle.

If you could meet one writer alive or deceased, who would it be? Right now, this question is so easy. I want to me Stacey Rourke. She writes YA and New Adult Comedic Fantasy and seems like a real down to earth and super silly person.

Who is your biggest influence? When it comes to my journey of romance and contemporary fiction, my major influence has been my dear friend and author, M.C.V. Egan. She’s the one who delivered my reality check and in some ways started this whole thing.

What do you read in your spare time? I used to only read in the speculative genres but I’ve been expanding my horizons. I now enjoy mystery, crime fiction, contemporary fiction, some romance, and some historical fiction.


Now a little on Glorie’s debut novel, It’s Like a Full Moon, Saying Series, Book 1


Book Title: It’s Like the Full Moon

Series: Saying Series 1

Tagline: You know what they say about love? It’s like the full moon and makes you do crazy things.

Author: Glorie Townson

Publisher: Amazon, Createspace, and The ToiBox of Words

Release Date: February 1, 2016

Reading Level: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Content Rating: PG-13

Available Formats: paperback and ebook

Number of Pages: 235

Themes (also suggested tags): love triangle, friendship, family drama, travel, romance, love,

Purchase Links:


Createspace: coming soon

B & N: coming soon


It’s Like the Full Moon, blurb

Rebecca has just turned thirty. She’s happy living a perfectly comfortable and predictable life. She’s even ready to marry her long-time boyfriend whenever he finally gets around to asking her. But all that changes when her best friend whisks her away to Italy for a much-needed vacation.

In the midst of site seeing and finally letting loose, Rebecca manages to catch the eye of a young English tourist but doesn’t let it go to her head. By the time she’s back in the States and back in the arms of her long-time beau, Rebecca has already forgotten about Peter, Paten, Paul…whatever his name was, that is until he shows up at her brother’s cabin in the woods.

A life of normalcy, routine, and stability gets turned upside down as Rebecca decides whether or not she’s truly ready to get married. And if so, who is the one she’s really meant to be with?


Social Media:

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A.J. James Promotion and Drawing for The Weight of Light

Greetings fellow book lovers!

Today I am doing a feature on A.J. James. Her digital book, The Weight of Light, Book 1 of The Grigori Celestials, is on special and everyone that buys a digital copy will be entered into a prize drawing, for two unique swag packs and an Amazon gift card! How sweet is that? Okay, okay, I’ve told you the great news, now let me tell you about the book…


James 2


The carnal appetites of the disgraced Watcher Angels have devastated the fledgling human race – carving a bloody, brutal stain of perversion and depravity into pre-antediluvian history.

Arma’ros is one of these first Celestials to defy draconian Divine Law, becoming obsessed by his unique human charge and the possibilities offered by a different, wondrous and sensual new existence.

Zoe, an antiquities scholar obsessed with the last Key of Enoch, is afflicted with a bizarre talent that no other being on Earth possesses – the ability to detect and track down the Nephilim, the dangerous and unstable hybrid offspring of humans and Watchers.

Arma’ros desperately needs to rally the Watchers and Nephilim for the imminent prophesied battle of the End of Days, but Zoe’s gift and her own self-doubt makes her a target for Bar’zek, second to the diabolical Master, who has orchestrated and manipulated events since the Beginning.

Can Zoe and Arma’ros overcome their crippling past to rally the remaining Grigori and Nephilim, and, even more importantly, can they prevent the last Enochian Key – which will obliterate the gateway between the Heavenly and Earthly Realms – from falling into the grasp of the Master? Will they unlock a new age of unlimited Divine potential for humans – or unleash the total Apocalyptic annihilation of our Earth?



“He stared, eyes wide for a moment, then tilted his head to the side with a chuckle. “Oh? Is it sweet words you’re wanting from me then… a wooing?” When she would have protested she’d been teasing, simply on principle alone, he reached for her and gently pulled her close to him. He slowly folded his large body so that he ended up on his knees at her feet. It brought his eyes just below her own. Curious, she allowed him to take her hands and drape her arms loosely about his neck, resting on his massive shoulders. She waited in this position, a blush still suffusing her features and feeling awkward. His hands and forearms cradled her to him, snuggling her up full length along his body, fitting her exactly to his form.

He brought his lips closer to her ear. “Just what exactly are you needing to convince you, carum, with me on my knees before you, beseeching you? Words, verse, melody….?” Gooseflesh sprung up instantly where he crooned softly in her ear, racing the full length of her body, and she quivered inside.

She shook her head in negation, suddenly feeling very embarrassed. Uncertain. “No? How then would you have me pledge myself to you? My heart, my soul, my body?” His breath feathered and shivered through her, teasing across the sensitive spot just behind her earlobe. She shuddered, as, against her will, she felt her knees turn to water, her legs becoming boneless.

“Hmm? To hear that I have waited endless eternities, full of anguish just for you? That I have endured centuries of misery yearning just for you? Forsaken all heavenly and earthly pleasures for naught but the memory of you; craving, hungering for the taste of you only on my tongue, the fragrance of you only in my nostrils, my lungs, the exquisite silk of your skin only on mine, the breathtaking feel of your mouth only on mine? Your addictive, haunting voice, the music that shimmers and floats and lingers around you and teases my senses into a frenzy of divine madness? For all of those eternities that I have waited, and for all eternities yet to come? All for you?”


James 1

Still not sure you want to grab it just yet? Not into the mushy stuff? Well, how about another peek from a different angle?


Excerpt 2:

ENORMOUS NIGHT SHADOWS SUDDENLY CAME ALIVE around them, writhing, twisting, slashing, snarling. Zo’ana heard the sounds of Y’saak and Fek’dar engaged in a clash; reverberations of metal and bone and flesh and wood being struck. In the same instant, she felt the sickening shock of a massive body thudding into her and seizing her from behind; hard hands grasping her roughly, painfully, one around the bottom of her ribcage and one around her neck. Pain cut into her, thieving her breath. She dropped and twisted at the same time, which had little effect. She became flailing feet, knees, whirling fists and elbows; kicking, biting, scratching at the hands and striking hard upwards with both fists at where she guessed a face might be, her fear suffusing her with greater than usual strength. It was higher up than she thought, though; he was taller than she’d supposed but felt one of her blows connect. Felt the crunch of cartilage giving way.

She felt his grasp loosen, and kicked again, trying to wrench away. He savagely spat out what she took as a curse in a language she’d never heard, and then, before she could flee, felt her hair seized and twisted by the roots as she was lifted high off the ground. A strangled, high-pitched shriek jarred from her throat, she realized then, with a paralyzing shock, that by the height and the ease that he lifted her with his one fist that it was not possible that this was a normal man. It was an unnatural strength and height that grasped her, shook her. She desperately grabbed hold of his forearm to try to lift, relieve some of her own body weight from the agony of her scalp, and he gave her another vicious shake, like a dog might shake a rat. Her teeth rattled together, piercing her gut with fear. The pain forced her belly up into her mouth. Her shriek had become an involuntary whimper of distress, caught and fluttering frantically in her throat to escape in a tiny, strangled squeak. Her eyes teared and rolled back in her head, but she obstinately battled to keep from relinquishing her hold on consciousness. As if through a fog, she helplessly registered the sounds of Fek’dar and Y’saak being dispatched gleefully by the other two monsters, both hopelessly outclassed in both size and strength.

And suddenly, incredibly, she was airborne. In slow motion, and then far too swiftly, the ground was coming up towards her. She hit hard, her head making resounding contact as her neck snapped.

James 3


About the Author:

A.J. James is a resident of Canada, currently devotedly working on the continuation of the Watcher Angels’ narratives. Her hobbies include photography, poetry, illustration, yoga, archery, dressage, energy work, recording music, target shooting, and practicing balance with her four extra-large rescue dogs. She also plans to become more adept at axe and knife-throwing, longsword wielding and riding dragons… er, motorcycles.

Writer, reader, creator, seeker, warrior, rider, dreamer, rebel, teacher, trainer, listener, feminist, philosopher, procrastinator, animal lover… A. J. James enjoys researching and conversing subjects many people studiously avoid; interested in annihilating taboos and shameful silences and advocating for those in need whose voice has traditionally been silenced.

To read reviews up to date news and excerpts from Book 2 please visit A.J.James website.


James 5

Remember!!! Everyone who buys a digital copy of The Weight of Light will be entered into a prize drawing, for two unique swag packs and an Amazon gift card!  Good luck!

James 4

New Release of Judith Anderson’s, Nadja’s Choice

Hello, fellow book lovers!

Tomorrow, January 12th, is release day for Judith Anderson’s Nadja’s Choice, a hot new BDSM erotica.


Curious? Well, here’s the book blurb and a little snippet whet your appetite!


“Nadja’s Choice” is the story of Jack Avery, a computer technician and recent transplant from the big city to small town Flaxville, where he meets Nadja Koenig, the town librarian. Jack moved to get away from the city, but there are other things he hopes also to have left behind…

Nadja, a voluptuous woman with charming simple beauty, just wants her library—her sanctuary away from home—to remain the familiar place she grew up knowing and loving. But when she sees all the technological changes coming, will it be the same place for her? She feels threatened by Jack’s plans to install a computerized checkout system but is intrigued by his air of command and self-assured confidence.

The two can’t deny their chemistry, even though they’re both from different worlds and want different things, but as they begin to date, more and more obstacles seem to spring up.

Larry Billings dated Nadja for a while in the past, and his interest in her has never waned. He wants to rekindle the flame, but now Jack, a suspicious city boy, is in his way. What lengths will Larry go to, to claim what he thinks is his?

As for Jack and Nadja; will his dark secrets from the past drive her away? And how will she react when he offers to introduce her to the BDSM toy box under his bed?


The soft rain was coming down steadily, landing on the tree-lined streets and running in rivulets down the side of the curb. Children raced from the stickball game they were playing in the middle of the road, hoping the rain would stop soon. Mothers came out to their porches to check and make sure children were all present and accounted for. The precipitation the children complained about put a smile on the farmers’ faces. It had been a dry season in the flat Great Plains, and they hoped the downpour would be enough to put some moisture in their crops.

Dark clouds brooded through the Midwestern sky; she could see them from her vantage point on his bed. She could hear the rain ping against the window, the sound was hypnotic. She always loved how the drops would fall against the glass and then run down in random paths, repetitive but different, soothing, like watching a campfire. The sky was all she could see outside his window since her wrists were tied to the headboard. He had just finished restraining her and double checked his knots to make sure she was secure without being tight enough to cut off her circulation. Once satisfied, he turned to the dresser to choose which clamps and clothespins he wanted to apply to her body.

This was the worst part. The waiting. And he knew it. She was naked, tied up and vulnerable on his bed, and all she could do was wait in delicious suspense. Wait while he picked out what he was going to torture her with.

He came back with some clothespins. “We’ll start off with these today,” he said and gently pinched some skin above her nipple. He opened the clothespin and applied it to the pinched flesh. The initial ‘ow’ subsided and her nipple hardened in anticipation. He licked his lips and did the same to her other breast.

“Oh for heaven’s sake,” he said and walked back to the dresser, returning with a blindfold. “I forgot how much you love this.”

She lifted her head to let him put the blindfold on her. Now, in complete darkness, she could relax and relinquish control. She loved the mystery and the trust that existed for this to happen. She took a few deep breaths and waited for the remainder of the clothespins to be put on her body.

He savored the sight of her there and knew that things were going to get much better.


Ready to buy it? Well, here’s where you can get it!


Judith’s Juicy Bio:

Judith Anderson lives in the Midwest and has been living the BDSM lifestyle since 2000. She has attended munches and BDSM events for several years and is well versed in impact play (spanking, paddling, caning, etc), fire play and rope. She has also taught classes on aspects of the BDSM lifestyle within her local community.

In February 2015, she self-published “Pretty When You Cry”, an anthology of her short stories, available on Amazon. “Pretty When You Cry” was nominated for a Golden Flogger award by BDSM Writers Con for Best BDSM book in the ‘Anthology’ category. She also had a short story included in Riverdale Ave Books “The First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology”. Her debut novel, “Nadja’s Choice’ will be published by Blushing Books in January 2016. She enjoys going for walks, reading mysteries, listening to music and begging.  She particularly enjoys the begging. Especially accompanied by tears.



Twitter: @JAndersonspank



The Release of Elizabeth York’s Water Wishes

Hello, fellow book lovers!

January 6, 2016, was a bittersweet day for Elizabeth York. She finished The Water Series and released the highly anticipated Water Wishes, concluding Candice and Jaxson’s story. How did this heart wrenching, hot book boyfriend having, suspenseful thriller end? You have to get your own copy to find out. And you can do it while it’s on sale for $0.99.


How about a little blurb to remind you of what you’re missing?

Candice Carson, was a best-selling author, who thought she had found her happily ever after. She found a great guy in, Jaxson Monroe, and married him. But her deceased fiancé, who was never dead, walked into the church and ruined her plans.

Jaxson Monroe, a NYPD detective, knew that Candice was the love of his life, but when his best friend returns from the grave to take his new wife all bets are off.

Will their new love survive the old familiar love?
Will best friends make amends or will it end six feet under?

“If stars can’t hold your wishes and water only drowns them, then who do you turn to when your faith loses its way?”

Where to buy, where to buy…

ღ˚ •。* ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* Links ✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫

-✫✫✫✫✫ Water Wishes ✫✫✫✫✫

(US) Amazon

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(UK) Amazon


Google Play:






ღ˚ •。* ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* TRAILERS ✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫

Wishing on the Water:

Water Wishes:

For those of you who haven’t read the first book Wishing on the Water yet, go grab a copy and find out how Candice and Jaxson’s story began.

1-8 wishing on water


“I was always told never to wish on the first star at night. If everyone wishes on one star, how will the star keep up? A star with too many wishes will just fall out of the sky. Rain drops are plentiful, and there are thousands. They wash away the filth and carry it to a better place. So when you make a wish, wish on the water and let it carry your problems away.”

Candice-Leigh Carson, a New York City best-selling author, was engaged to one of NYPD’s finest. She was living the dream until she lost her fiancé, quit her job and moved, leaving behind the only family she ever knew. She left her best friend Jaxson, without saying goodbye. In her quest to find herself, would she ever find love again? 

Jaxson Monroe, one of NYPD’s finest, lost his partner when an undercover job went south. After spending a night with his partner’s lover, Candice, she flees into the night. He loved Candice and had promised his partner he would protect her. It was his fault she ran, but he quickly found himself in the arms of another. Would Jaxson ever convince Candice to come home or did he prefer another woman? Would their love survive his betrayal and her abandonment?

ღ˚ •。* ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* Links ✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫

-✫✫✫✫✫ Wishing on the Water ✫✫✫✫✫

(US) Amazon/KU

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(UK) Amazon/ KU


Google Play:






You can also check out the official book trailer for Wishing On the Water:

“I was always told never to wish on the first star at night. If everyone wishes on the first star, how can the star keep up? Rain drops are plentiful and the…

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Release Day for Julie Nicholls’ Blood Ties

Hello, everyone!

Today is the official release day for Blood Ties and I am for one, very excited. I’ll be grabbing the paperback up the day it comes out so keep your eyes here for my review!

Julie’s spent some time making the paperback quite special, so if you’re a collector of ‘real’ books, I hope you’ll consider adding Blood Ties to your collection. The first letter of each chapter has a wolf motif, which she created in photoshop and adobe illustrator, and looks great. This is the perfect gift for that person in your life who loves to hold a real book when they read. However, for all you ebook lovers, have no fear; it will be available in ebook form, minus the cool embellishments.

paperback image 1


paperback image 2


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00018]

This is a paranormal, shifter, werewolf, romance, and it’s currently available on &

In case you need another sneaky peek to whet your appetite, here’s a little more from the book.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00018]

The paperback is available from Createspace :


Or you can purchase via Amazon:




The morning looked promising. Keagen was on the road, traveling to a small town he’d never heard of. Filled with elation, thoughts of catching his prey made him smile. There was no need to rush. Despite his need to snag the escapee, he took a leisurely drive. Intel he received advised of a stranger who’d set up house in Dewburn Falls, and was deemed a ‘badass.’

Keagen smirked. There’s a new player coming to town. Move over badass.

Relaxing into the soft leather seat of the BMW 328i, one of Keagen’s favorite rides, he took in the scenery and thought about his plan of action. Meticulously organized, he always had a fallback plan. He wasn’t at home being Mr. Cock-up, and hated if someone fucked up, which wasn’t too often as he mostly worked alone. Forced to team up on one occasion, it didn’t go well, resulting in a few deaths. Kicking off, Keagen said it was either his way, or he was retiring, which was funny considering they owned him; despite his reluctance to admit it. While he was comfortable, he’d put up with their shit and continued along his merry way. Doing their dirty work. With access to fast cars, the best weaponry, some not even on the market officially, and recreation time to fuck, life was good. He wanted it to continue.

His mind took him back to when it wasn’t so pleasurable, and his hands tightened around the steering wheel as he growled. While he didn’t have many memories remaining, he knew it wasn’t good. Faded scars on his body were the only reminders of his childhood since Solgen wiped his memory. It was the standard protocol to start with a clean mind, and easier. Still perfecting the procedure, the scientists had made a few errors, but Keagen was their most successful guinea pig. Receiving top marks in all the tests, he confirmed loyalty to the company and, therefore, was allowed to leave the compound. At first, he was under supervision, but that had soon changed. After excelling in each mission within a few months, his reputation soared. Managing a hundred percent retrieval rate, with a required eighty percent coming in alive, he was the top dog. The twenty percent died because they resisted capture and return back to the labs. Keagen was strong. At the start of his hunting career, he didn’t know his own strength. Rarely bringing home a dead one these days, he’d learned to master his body and the enhancements.


new promo1

And if an awesome new release isn’t enough, when you sign up fort her official email list, you can download Demon Within FREE (retail $3 .99)



A New Year’s Reflection

Well, another year has passed and a new one is upon us. What will you do this year? Have you made resolutions? For me, I went about my resolutions differently. Every past New Year, I had your typical resolutions: lose weight, stop doing this, start doing that. This year, in the spirit of how I am viewing this turn in the pages of time, I’ve discarded those useless resolutions, which inevitably fail. This time, I made a life goal. My resolution is to get my life organized and attain financial independence. I know this might sound vague and bordering on cheating, but hear me out.

First of all, this isn’t a resolution I either accomplish or drop in a single year. This is a perpetual goal for this year and for every year after that. Secondly, I’m not talking about organizing in the sense of finding a place for all my junk, although that is one facet of it. The organization I am referring to encompasses my career, my personality, my home life, and my social life. Things will change this year. some friends will be pushed away because I refuse to have negativity in my life, and new ones will be made. Groups will be dropped because I cannot participate as I should, and to those left, I will give more effort. Career changes will be made, and yes, I will thin out the stuff in my house. Everything I do will have to aid in moving me toward my ultimate goal of financial independence.

I will embrace and own who I have become and work towards helping others do the same. I am going to do even more for the Indie author community and start my publishing company. I will get to know all of my friends more and continue to do what I can to help them achieve their dreams. One thing that will change relates directly to this blog. For 2016, I am changing the format to be more useful for me and the fellow authors that I help. I am also going to be blogging more about things that relate to writing. So keep an eye out for these changes.

So now that I’ve opened up and told you my resolutions, I hope that all of you will take a few minutes to think on yours and make sure that they will bring you closer to who you want to be. I hope each and every one of you has a fantastic year full of happiness and successes in whatever you do. So here’s to new friends, continued friendships, bigger royalties, and more fabulous ideas.

Happy New Year!