New Release of Sarah Muellers’ Book Secret Phantom and Special Event

Today, December 10th is the release of Sarah Mueller’s book, Secret Phantom. It is the first book in her NA/Paranormal trilogy. To celebrate the release, she is having a Facebook event today. I encourage everyone to stop by and check Sarah out, support a great author, and have some fun!

Link to event:

Secret Phantom

Sarah title


Ever have the feeling not to belong, to just float around in your own body and have people pass you as though you aren’t even there? Well then you know what life’s like for Talia! But wait, because just maybe you’ll have luck strike you as it did her and your fate change overnight. One day you’re the lonely black sheep and the next? You’re married to an immortal Phantom, live in a castle and fight off evil with your friends by your side! So don’t give up hope, miracles happen to anybody.

Amazon buy link:


How about a few teasers!

Sarah tearser 3

 Sarah tearser 2


Sarah tearser 1


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