Re-Blog This! Indie Author Interview Collection

Today I am rolling out my new series, Re-Blog This! where I will concentrate on re-blogging interviews or promotions in an effort to further promote hard working authors. Today, I am going to concentrate on reblogging some interviews of some very awesome indie authors. I will post the links here, so feel free to read the interviews and get to know some amazing authors!

Lu Whitley

The first interview is with the lovely Lu Whitley who is extremely active in promoting indie authors and has recently become a friend. She has her book BloodMarked out on Amazon right now and it will be on sale for 99 cents August 7th – 11th. Mistral Dawn sat down with her recently.

The book link is

Check out the interview at:

Lu also did an interview with Scribbling Owlet. Check out what she reads, what she doesn’t, and who her character crush is!

Here is the link to the interview:


Michael Fedison

The next interview is for Michael Fedison, author of the YA Adventure, The Eye-Dancers. Jessica Wren took a few minutes to talk with him about his book.

The book link is

Check out the interview at


Jennifer Seidler

My next interview spotlight is from Jennifer Seidler. She was recently interviewed by Boy Mom Loves Books. Jennifer has written across many genres, but she considers her new book, Dry Land to be science fiction with a dash of romance. Make sure you grab a copy! It will be free from July 31st through August 2nd.

The book link is:

You can check out her interview with Boy Mom Loves Books at


KM Herkes

Mike Wolff sat down with author KM Herkes to discuss her new book Controlled Descent. 

Her book can be found at

You can check out her interview with Mike at


Markie Madden

Markie Madden sat down with Mistral to discuss her life and books. Her latest book, Fang and Claw will be available October 4, 2015. So make sure you pick up a copy. You can preorder it here:

Check out her interview with Mistral at


Mark Barry

Toinette Thomas interviewed Mark Barry recently on her blog, The ToiBox of Words. She got Mark to talk about his writings, what makes him geek out, and who’s brain he would like to scratch! He writes in several genres, so make sure you visit his author page and find something you like!

Mark’s Amazon author page is at

You can catch his interview with Toinette at


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