And So It Begins… 2015 Brain To Books Blog Tour

Make sure you check it out!

WELCOME TO ARABOTH: There's No Way Out - The Official Website Of Occult & Dark Fantasy Author M. Dylan Blair

100+ books

93 authors

37 days

15+ websites

1 blog tour


With over a hundred different #INDIE authors participating in the 2015 BRAIN TO BOOKS BLOG TOUR, I wanted to take the time to invite each of you guys to take in all of the new #INDIE authors around us. Check out some new works, old ones, take part in special giveaways, contests, and other things, and just get to know some new people.

Authors are everywhere.

I’m going to be taking part in the tour on August 28th, and I hope to see you all there!

In the meantime, visit Angela Chrysler’s Brain To Books Blog or her site,, to check out all of the great authors featured.

* Suspense * Fantasy * Paranormal * Thriller * Mystery * Romance * Sci-fi * Adventure * & More…

I’m going to be following the listings…

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